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Customer Area Documentation Manual (First Steps)

This section contains guides on how to use Hosthunder’s service; detailed explanations of the administration interface, customer management, orders and services, billing, support and other auxiliary functions.

Index – Glossary of topics:

Introduction to control panel tools and options

Here at Hosthunder you will find many easy-to-use options and tools. Throughout this information we will give you a tour so that you can better know the website and everything you can do on it.

There are many modules, in which you can undoubtedly do very advantageous things.

Let’s start with the tour …

Control Panel (Main page of the customer area):

  • Services section: There you can find the services or products that you have requested. There you will also see if it was already approved or not. In the event that it is not paid, it will be left as pending, suspended in case of late payment, canceled if you decide not to pay the initial invoice or terminated if the active service once suspended has been terminated for not making the payment in a 30 day period.
  • Domain: Here you can see the name of your domain, also the date of registration, expiration and the state in which it is.
  • Tickets: They are to contact technical support to resolve a financial or technical problem.
  • Invoices: In this section appears your number, registration date and expiration date of your invoice. As well as the total and the option to pay.
  • Web design: Here you will find information from a professional freelance on SEO optimization web development services for your website.

In addition to this, you will find several sections in which you can do the following:

  • Buy Hosting
  • Buy Domain
  • Make automated payment
  • Hosting Community: Where you will find comments about the experience of other people. And of course, you can also share your knowledge.

Keep getting to know our website

Under the row where it is: SERVICES, DOMAINS, TICKETS, etc … You will find the following:

  • Available Credit: This option gives you the possibility to make your payments automatically. That is, you can add funds with a minimum deposit of: $ 30,000.00 CLP and a maximum of: $ 100,000.00 CLP in order for your invoices to be paid automatically. Without a doubt, a great advantage, since you will also avoid adding an additional charge to your invoice of 20% of the total amount for not paying in the corresponding time.
  • Mailbox: This is a private message in which you will receive e-mails regarding your bills, services, among others … Although these messages are sent directly to the users’ e-mails, a copy is also saved to the personal mailbox.
  • Affiliate program: It appears exactly on the right side, under Support tickets and next to Register domains. Those who sign up for the affiliate program will receive a special link. For what purpose? To receive a percentage for each Hosting that is purchased through said link. It is important to remember that this module will not be enabled in your control panel until your account has been registered as a sales agent.
  • Forum: You can find it at the end, just below Register Domains. There you will find discussions about Cpanel and Control software to manage web hosting services and much more …

What our technical support team really wants is for you to know everything you can get here in order to facilitate the use of our website . For this reason we invite you to continue reading so that you continue to know and make good use of our interface.


In the upper right you can see a bell: There you can see the notices or notifications that we want you to keep in mind, such as, for example, if you have any unpaid invoices.


In this option, all the services that you add on the website will be stored, and then checkout and pay.

Change language

A flag appears next to the cart, when you click you can choose the language in which you want to see all the information, either in: Spanish or English .

Account Menu

The little box that appears on the side of the bell, specifically where your profile photo is shown, has the option of doing different things. Some of them are:

  • Edit your profile
  • View your account details
  • Add contact details
  • Change Password
  • Security settings: Here you can link your account with Facebook or Google, but we recommend that you use both to improve your login experience and for greater security. And two-factor authentication. We strongly recommend that you enable two-factor authentication for added security.

In the place where it says: Welcome, and your name … You can see the address you have added, and if necessary, update it.

Also, you can add a new contact. There are also shortcuts such as: Buy services, register domains or exit (Logout)

There are other options that are very important for you to know, which we will mention below:

In the upper left part, next to the house, you can see a cube … There it will appear: My services , and below it will be displayed a menu that says my services: See all and Product complements . Clicking on see all will take you to the site where you can do different things, such as:

  • See if your domain is protected by an SSL certificate.
  • Visit your website directly from the url that is displayed.
  • The price list of your services and billing cycle.
  • The expiration date of the services.
  • The status of the service, that is, if it is active, suspended, pending payment, canceled or terminated.
  • In the green letters that say active, when you click you will be able to enter the control panel of the selected service.

In Product Add-on you can: Buy and activate the jetbackup-cPanel online Backup service for your web hosting (This is a service that automatically makes backups every day at 3:00 am from Monday to Friday) And if you press the little down arrow next to where it says “Online Backup”. You will also see the option to migrate your hosting in case you need that additional complement if you are hiring a new web hosting service and you come from another company.

Quick shortcuts

Now let’s talk about the quick shortcuts that also appear under Product Add-ons.

  • E-Mail Accounts: Here you can create your corporate email or emails, and manage them.
  • Forwarders: You have the ability to send a copy of incoming emails from one email to another. You can choose this option for all domains (In case you have several) or for a specific one.
  • Auto Answers: This is an incredible tool that is very useful, especially if you do not have much time, it is very useful, since by activating this option you can send automatic emails with a previously programmed message.  
  • File Manager: From here you can upload or manage files from your WordPress or the tool you are using to manage your website.
  • Subdomains: They are used to create internal domains starting from your main domain, example: subdomain , but it is like a separate website from your website. That is, the information you want to put in your subdomain will not be managed in your main domain, since it will be connected to a different database.
  • Additional domains: With this tool you can manage multiple domains in your cPanel account. Either to configure different emails or websites.
  • Cron Jobs: Ideal for Linux experts. With this tool you can automate commands or scripts on your website.
  • MySQL Databases: With this tool you can manage the users and databases that you have in your cPanel account.
  • PhpMyAdmin: With this tool you can manage the tables in the databases of the different website or app developments.
  • Awstats: Here you can see the statistics of the traffic that your website is generating according to the resources used by the web hosting service.

It should be noted that, being in the control panel of the web hosting service that you have selected in the client area, in the upper right part the name of your domain appears in a pink button … When you click it, a list of various actions you can perform, such as:

  • Login to cPanel
  • Login to Webmail
  • Change your password
  • Expand / Degrade: It serves to improve the resources of the plan you have. And you can also migrate to another plan without affecting your files in an automated way with a few clicks.
  • Request cancellation of your plans: In this option you can write the reason or reasons why you want to cancel your service. You also get the option to choose the type of cancellation: That is, if you want it to be given immediately or at the end of the hiring period. Finally, you must click on: Request cancellation

Another cool little detail…

A final detail that we would like to mention is that, in the little moon that appears in the corner of the Client Area, you can change the visual mode of the website, that is, the color tone. You can choose between: a dark or light theme. As you prefer! 😊

This will help you to improve the display of the content in case the light interferes with the visualization of the elements on the website.

Download the APP : You can download our app by clicking where that option gives you, which appears at the bottom in the footer of the website, right next to contact us there is a link «Download our APP». By pressing there, it will take you to the Play Store, then press on: INSTALL APP And voila! You will already have the application downloaded.

Enjoy our services to the fullest

Everything you can do here, without a doubt, is very advantageous … The tools that we have mentioned are for the security and benefit of your website , since we want you to be successful in your projects. What we have left to tell you is that we are constantly improving and updating our interface in order to provide a better service to our customers. We hope you enjoy our services!

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