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Hosting Community Documentation Manual (First Steps)

Introducing the web hosting community: Hosthunder

What can you do here? The idea is that all experts who wish to collaborate and provide their advice or without any knowledge who wish to learn, have a meeting point with the aim of sharing their knowledge and opinions. It is a very interactive interface from which you can get a lot out of it.

What must you do to be part of this great hosting community?

At the beginning of the website or cover, you have the option to download the App , which is in a pink button. You can also click the button next to it and you will go directly to your web host.

It is very useful to download the APP to always be connected to the latest news about web hosting.

But if you don’t want to download the application, no problem. Both on the top right and on the home page, you can access your account, and if you haven’t already, then you can register. Doing so is very easy, you must click on Register , fill in the few details that are requested: User, email, password and your name.

Then you will receive an email to activate your account, you have to open it and click on the link. It will automatically send you to a page where you will find a pink button that says ” Activate. ” By pressing it, your account will immediately be active. Then click on ” Access ” and done You will be able to enter without problems.

Note: After you have registered, the interface will adapt to the configuration of your user account.

What other options can you find?

Search engine: It will always be located at the top of the website header. If you want to search for a community user or a particular post, you just have to write the name or subject.

Level: On the right side where the search engine is located, you can see the level bar and find out what level you are at. The level depends on the amount of gems you have. Next to this level bar you will find the gem counter that you have, they are the interface credits, and there you can see how many you have of each one.

Shopping bag : In this option you can see the products related to the merchandise (Products) that you have added to the bag to buy. If you no longer want to add anything else, you must click on: Go to pay .

Friend requests: Do you want to see who wants to be your friend? You must press the happy face and there you will see not only the requests that have come to you, but also those that you have sent.

Messages: The imbox or private messaging is right in the middle of the face and the bell. By clicking it, you will know if someone has sent you a message.

Notifications: By pressing the bell you will see all the notifications received.

Night / Day Mode: Do you want the page color dark or light? This option is in the upper right, in the shape of a moon or sun if it is the case.

Settings: What can you do there? The truth, a great variety of things. This option is located in the upper right corner… Clicking on it will bring up a list of options:

My profile

  • Profile information: You can change your avatar (Profile photo), change the header, place your biography (Write something about yourself), add the link to your website. Also data such as: Where you were born, your occupation, date of birth and email.

And you can add additional things, for example: Games, books, movies, artists, songs and favorite TV shows. After placing what you want, you must click on ” Save changes “

  • Social: Here you can add the links to your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Notifications, messages and friend requests: You will be able to view all the information related to this topic.


  • Desktop: From here you can view your recent orders, manage shipping and billing addresses, edit your password and your account details.
  • Orders: In this module you will see the orders you have placed, and if you have not done so yet, you can press the “Browse products” button to find out about the latest in our collectible merchandise.
  • Downloads: You can manage the downloadable content that you have purchased. There will appear all the available downloads permanently.
  • Address: From here you can add the billing and shipping address.
  • Account details: You can change your name, surname, email and password.

Account settings

  • Account settings: It is to delete your account if you wish. If you do, all the content you have created will be deleted, which is irretrievable.
  • Change password: You must put the current password to verify that you are the owner and then the new one you want to put and give: Save changes.
  • Mail configuration: You have the opportunity to activate or deactivate the options that will reach you in the mail. For example, whether or not you want an email to reach you when they send you a request, if they sent you a message or mentioned a comment, if they invited you to join a group, etc.

By pressing in the lower right corner, where a floating button with a crown appears , you can go directly to the client area to manage your web hosting services.

What you will find in Menu

Both in the sidebar that is on the left side and in the option where it says: Menu, which appears in the upper left, you can find different options. Do you want to know what its functions are? Next, we will tell you a little about each of these:

  1. News: You will get a box in which you can add a writing, photo or video and publish it (To add photos you must press the camera, and for videos click on the box that appears next to it).

Note: It should be noted that the idea is not to upload things of a personal matter, but contributions, advice, news that can help others on issues related to web hosting.

Below is the following:

  • Mentions: You can see if someone has mentioned you in a post or comment.
  • Favorites: All the publications that you have saved as a favorite will appear.
  • Friends: You will see all the people that you have added in your contacts.

If you press ” Show all ” the following will appear to specifically filter something you want to see:

  • Status: You can see what other people write on your wall, see the comments of that status and if it has been shared.
  • Shared: There you will see if someone has shared any of your publications.
  • Medium: You will get the photos and videos of your friends.
  • Friendships: You can filter and see only the content that your friends have published.
  • Forum Topics: All topics that are in the forum.
  • Forum Answers: You will find the answers of the users about the topics that appear in the forum.

On the sides, you will notice several things, for example, on the left you will see: The new members who have entered, and below there are only some missions that you can complete. At the other end, on the right side, are some of the badges that you can earn.

  • Members: They are all the users who have joined the community. You can search for a specific member, and you can also decide if you want to see them alphabetically, new members, or recently active.

Next to ” Sort by ” there are some boxes for you to choose how you want people to appear: large grid, small grid or list. If you see someone you want to have in your contacts, then you can click ” Add “

In the grid of each one, you will see if they have any medals, how many friends they have and how many publications and comments they have made. The social networks that they have added also come out and select the one you want to go directly to their profile.

  • Badges: You will find all the available badges and what you must do to obtain them.
  • Missions: Each of the missions that you must complete. As you achieve them, you will be presented with gems, which will give you experience to level up.
  • Levels: There are 6 levels that you will unlock when you meet the requirements.
  • Credits: To receive credits, which are: Gold Stones, Gems and Emeralds, you must unlock badges or perform missions.

* Daily Booties: Appears below. If you complete the tasks assigned there, you will get credits.

* Commissions: If you do one of these things, your credit will be deducted: Delete a profile status update / Leave a group / Delete a friend.

  • Blog: You will find the answers to many questions in order to guide you so that you can effectively use the hosting service at Hosthunder.

There are currently 3 categories: Dictionary hosting, Web design and development and Documentation manual. You can filter according to what you need or put ” All categories “

If you want to filter information you must select any of the 2 options that appear, either by date or by popularity . And also sort by shape: Descending or Ascending.

  • Forums: General / Web Hosting / VPS Servers / Cloud Hosting / Dedicated Servers / Control Panels / Databases / Monetization / Web Hosting Offers / Web Hosting Security / Domains and DNS Zones.

Those are the forums available. Next to each one you will see how many debates and entries it has, and the latest publication. 

  • Store: You will see all the merchandise of the brand available for sale. You can sort the products by: popularity, average rating, most recent, by price from lowest to high range, or high to low.

Now sharing your knowledge and learning about web hosting is made more fun with our community hosting system.

As we saw throughout the information, this is an interface that helps you connect with other people and companies so that they can share all their experiences and knowledge. You can do different activities that are attractive, so go ahead and enhance your knowledge regarding web hosting issues, making the most of it and be part of this beautiful community. We will wait for you! Hosthunder will be very happy to welcome you. 😊

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