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Register your domain name .com .net .org .info .cl

Take the first step to having your own domain name, with over 100 domain extensions available, there has never been a better time to secure your own unique identity on the web.

Classic ExtensionsPrice/year VAT incTransferRenewal VAT inc
domain name com icon$ 29.98 USD-$ 29.98 USD
domain name com icon$ 25.98 USD $ 31.98 USD-$ 31.98 USD
domain name com icon$ 27.98 USD-$ 27.98 USD
domain name com icon$ 29.98 USD-$ 29.98 USD
domain name com icon$ 30.98 USD-$ 30.98 USD
domain name com icon---
domain name com icon---
domain name com icon---
domain name com icon---
domain name com icon---
Premium ExtensionsTransferValue in the MarketPrice/year VAT inc
DISCOUNTNEW.Coffee-High Demand ⬆$ 49.98 USD $ 35.98 USD
DISCOUNTNEW.Fitness-High Demand ⬆$ 49.98 USD $ 35.98 USD
DESCUENTONEW.Bike-High Demand ⬆$ 49.98 USD $ 35.98 USD
DISCOUNTNEW.Club-Average Demand ⬌$ 49.98 USD $ 35.98 USD
DISCOUNTNEW.Marketing-High Demand ⬆$ 49.98 USD $ 35.98 USD
DISCOUNTNEW.World-Average Demand ⬌$ 49.98 USD $ 35.98 USD

Reasons you should know


Domain registration is the first step in building your online presence.

The domain name is the address of your website on the internet and functions as a gateway for people to access your website or blog.

With Hosthunder you won’t forget the correct renewal period of your domain name. We will send you an email when the renewal period is coming up and you will also be able to track the status of your domain directly in the Client Area.

Having your own domain brings several advantages such as:

Presence on the Internet

Increase the visibility of your company/project on the Internet through Google search engines.

Consolidate your Brand

Unify your brand across all touch points, both face-to-face and digital.

Digital local

It is a showcase of your company, online store or blog available 24 hours a day.

¿Do you have any questions?


A domain is a name to locate and identify in a more friendly way the address of a website on the Internet. This nomenclature is fundamental, because without it, we would use IP addresses instead of URLs to access websites. With IP addresses, which are large numerical sequences, memorization and web navigation would be more difficult.

Yes, registering a domain is the first step to have a website, blog or virtual store on the Internet. You can choose an international domain (.com, .net, .org, .online, among other options) or a national domain (.cl). You can also register domains with the same name for different extensions. For example, and, this way you secure your name and do not run the risk of losing it to other brands.

Yes, transferring your domain from another company to Hosthunder is simple, and will allow you to manage everything in one place. Regardless of where you registered your domain, you will be able to transfer it to another provider if you wish. Please note that a domain can only be transferred 60 days after it has been registered or last transferred.

Before starting the transfer process, verify that your domain is active and unlocked for transfer, and request the transfer by submitting a ticket to support.

The domain is your identity on the Internet and provides more credibility to your business. Through it, people will be able to access your website, boosting your brand awareness. And even if you don’t build your website at first, you can use the domain for your email accounts, for example This conveys more reliability to your customers, as well as a more professional image.

Hosthunder acts as a company authorized by the national (NIC Chile) and international (ICANN) registration entities, which allows the chosen domain to be registered directly with the registration entity. The domain can be registered for 1 year, with the possibility of renewing it every period. In the Customer Portal you have the option of registering the domain or renewing it for a longer period.

Domain privacy is a resource that hides the data of the person or company that registers a domain. This is because, by default, when registering a domain, the data is public. Once it is registered, the domain and the contracting party’s data are publicly accessible in international virtual catalogs, such as WhoIs. It is important to note that this is not a procedure exclusive to Hosthunder, and is valid for any registrant company.

Domain privacy aims to limit access to most of this data, offering more security. This feature is available for most international domains.

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