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Hosting Multisite

Hosting Multisite in the cloud ☁ You can host multiple websites

Experience the performance and reliability of cloud-based shared web hosting with the power and leverage your websites by centralizing your projects and services in one place.

Cpanel Básico

For those who are taking their first steps in a digital network.

BEFORE $ 13.98 USD/month

$8.39 USD/month VAT inc

Billing per Year

Cpanel Avanzado

Create and build the best fleet of websites in the digital world.

BEFORE $ 18.98 USD/month

$11.39 USD/month VAT inc

Billing per Year

Cpanel Admin

You are already an experienced user, leading an entire digital army.

BEFORE $ 59.98 USD/month

$35.99 USD/month VAT inc

Billing per Year

Cpanel Básico

For those who are taking their first steps in a digital network.

$13.98 USD/month VAT inc

Billing per Month

Cpanel Avanzado

Create and build the best fleet of websites in the digital world.

$18.98 USD/month VAT inc

Billing per Month

Cpanel Admin

You are already an experienced user, leading an entire digital army.

$59.98 USD/month VAT inc

Billing per Monthly

Promotional prices on the first invoice

The promotional prices offered by Hosthunder apply in the first payment period, and are available in the cycles indicated on each product page.

Renewals: on plan renewal, the regular price will be charged. The renewal will be done automatically, in the same cycle indicated during the purchase. You can view and/or change this setting in the Customer Portal.
For whom the discount is valid: Discounts are valid for new customers. For current customers this promotion is valid on the purchase of a new web hosting plan. It does not apply for renewals, migrations between accounts, upgrades, downgrades, nor for changes in the contract period.

* Note: The plans are prepaid, that is, you pay the full value of the service at the time of purchase. For comparison purposes, the monthly equivalent value represents the total price distributed over the number of months contracted.

Métodos de Pago Hosthunder

In our web hosting service we accept payments with Rut Account, Visa, Mastercard, Vista Account, Servipag, Mach, Etherum, Bitcoin and much more. This site has an SSL certificate that allows you to make payments with your credit cards safely.
– International Multisite Hosting Service –

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Characteristics of our Hosting Plans

pricing image
SSD Disk Space
Monthly Transfer
I/O Usage
In/Out (E/S)
Parked Domains
FTP Users
E-mail Accounts
Number of Files
Optimized Backup
Proactive Defense
Malware Scanning
Malware Cleanup
Access SSH (Secure Shell)
Access with www.
External Domains
Alias Domains
Easy Apps Installation
Protected Directories
Working on IP
Site Statistics
Cron Jobs
Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt)
PHP 8.0
PHP.ini Perzonalized
Fraud, Virus and Spam Protection
100% Escalable

Our Plans are 100% Scalable

This option is very useful and safe, since you will be able to expand your resources by upgrading your web hosting plan in an automated way and without having to waste time in tedious migration processes.

Reasons for using


Optimized Servers for WordPress

Our servers are optimized for WordPress and include NGINX caching, PHP7 + OPcache, HTTP2 and more, which helps your site load faster.

WordPress with Automated Installation

Install a new WordPress site in less than 30 seconds from the WordPress installer in the Cpanel, reducing development time.

Apache + NGINX

Optimized specifically for WordPress to make your sites load faster and be more responsive.

SSD storage

State-of-the-art SSD storage for ultra-fast WordPress performance.

PHP7.x + OPcache

PHP7 with OPcache which improves web site performance, enabled out of the box.


Optimized for heavy read workloads. MySQL further improves performance.

PHP version selector

We handle all of the most current and up-to-date PHP versions available, which will help you maintain backward compatibility with previous versions of WordPres.

SSL Completely Free

Install SSL certificates on any of your WordPress sites for FREE using Let's Encrypt. No payment or complex vetting is required.

Advanced Security

Working in the background, our firewall helps to silently protect your WordPress site from DDOS Attacks, hackers and bots.

Free WordPress Migration

We will migrate your WordPress site for free. Need to transfer multiple sites? ¡Contact us!

Caching Engine

Caches frequently requested files, delivering them to browsers more efficiently.


The latest HTTP/2 protocol for increased website responsiveness.


Manage your MySQL databases from Cpanel with ease using the built-in PHPMyAdmin.

Cron enabled

Create, schedule and automate tasks with the Cron Job manager built into your Cpanel, to manage tasks running in the background.

E-mail Resources

By contracting a web hosting plan you will be able to create one or more professional email accounts, using your domain, for example This conveys more credibility for your brand and reinforces its authority on the Internet.

You will have access to email managers on your computer; option to set up your accounts on smartphones and email clients; anti-spam protection and more.

¿Moving from a different host?

¡We will migrate your site for FREE!

Our migration service is free and fast. In most cases, we can migrate your website and have it live in less than 24 hours. Do you have multiple websites or a complex solution that needs to be migrated? We are available by ticket messaging 24/7.

Respecting your privacy

If you use third-party email services, then you may allow them to use the content of your emails to create profiles. This data, in some cases, is shared with advertisers.

You still have more


Sender Verification

Sending confidential information? Let your recipient verify that your email is genuinely from you and not a scammer.

Encrypt your e-mails

Send encrypted e-mails (including attachments) and keep your e-mails private, even at rest.

Protect your image

In the age of major cyberattacks, show that your company is serious about email security and inspire confidence.

Stop Phishing Scams

Help recipients identify the sender impersonating your organization and prevent your suppliers and customers from being scammed.

Avoid Manipulation

Signing and encrypting e-mail prevents manipulation of content by third parties on e-mail while in transit.

SPF, DKIM and DMARC Configuration

This allows the recipient of the email to verify that you really sent it. Protect your customers from phishing scams.

Protection against Phishing scams

Phishing scams come in many forms, but all involve the scammer posing as a legitimate company or individual to fraudulently obtain confidential information or money. A common form of attack is Business Email Compromise (BEC), where fraudsters impersonate executives and send emails to employees, instructing them to transfer money to the fraudsters’ accounts. 

Email signing certificates protect against these scams by allowing the recipient of a signed email to easily confirm whether it was sent by the company or the owner.

¿Do you have any questions?


Simply put, it means that your website is hosted on a high-performance server that is shared with other customers. An affordable hosting solution perfect for small to medium sized websites, blogs and forums.

Yes, to change the domain name associated with your plan you must submit a formal request through a support ticket and indicate your intention to change your associated domain.

Absolutely not. Technical support is included as part of our service and is provided free of charge. However, there are some things we cannot help with which are detailed in our terms.

cPanel hosting is perfect for small and growing businesses that require multi-site hosting to get started with a web presence.

Your ssd hosting service will be activated immediately upon payment.

We believe in retaining customers through the quality of our service and support. As such, there are no minimum term contracts: you can cancel your shared hosting plan at any time.

Guarantee Hosthunder

Return guarantee

Try our Shared Web Hosting without any risk. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel within 30 days and get a full money refund, if you wish.

Build and protect your brand

Our cloud hosting service is a high performance system, offering our clients a very reliable and secure ssd hosting service.

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