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Service migration terms

All terms and conditions governing Hosthunder’s products and services.

These terms last updated on January 08, 2020

Hosthunder is committed to facilitating the migration of your website to a new hosting account. We can transfer your website files, databases, scripts, domain administration and emails (in this case, only from cPanel to cPanel).

1. ¿When can I access a free migration?

Hosthunder offers free migration for accounts acquired less than 30 days ago. The benefit is valid only for the first migration request and also for accounts that have just made a plan change, for example, the migration from a web hosting plan to a virtual private server.

Remember: If you request the migration after the first 30 days of contracting the plan or you are requesting a new migration after the conclusion of the first transfer, the free migration will not be available and it will cost. Get in touch with our support team and request a migration quote.

2. Information on Migration between plans

If you already have a plan with us and you are requesting the migration to a more robust plan, for example, a migration from shared hosting to VPS, it is necessary that you sign up for the new plan and keep both plans active until the migration is completed. After the migration is complete, and you have confirmed that everything is working properly, you can cancel the old plan if you do not plan to use it.

Important: We will not convert multiple Web Hosting plans to one VPS plan for free. If you have several domains in the hosting, it will be necessary to distribute them in the VPS plan on your own, or request a quote from our migration team.

We also do not migrate additional domains in shared plans. The migration is done through the complete backup of the account, which is transferred between the servers so that the client can make the necessary adjustments.

3. Free Migration Conditions

The free website migration conditions differ depending on the size and type of account you have.

The free migration will be performed in cPanel accounts that have up to a total limit of 5GB in files, emails, database and other components that are part of the hosting structure of the website. For accounts on Windows servers, with Plesk control panel, the limit is 10GB.

If the account exceeds these limits, it will be necessary to make a quote with the migration team.

If the migration is from a robust plan to a lower plan, it will be necessary to perform it on your own, or request a quote from our migration team. 

Regarding domain migrations also called domain transfers, they are totally free if you decide to migrate them to our server, keep in mind that if you want to perform a second migration of the domain to any other entity, it will cost $19.99 USD.

4. Deadline for completion

We do not define a deadline for the completion of the migration, as there are various external factors that can interfere in the process. This includes: limitations of the origin server, problems with incomplete or incorrect information, among others.

Either way, our team is qualified and trained to carry out all migrations clearly and with quality. We strive to complete the procedure as quickly as possible and efficiently.

5. After migration

It is very important that you verify your data after the migration and carefully follow the DNS alteration instructions, as soon as the migration is completed.

Our team will perform routine checks, but will need your help to finish the migration.

6. Restoration of own Backup

If you have your own backup, be it a database or a file, our team can restore them for free. You just have to open a ticket with our advanced technical support requesting the restoration of the data. It is important to remember that the data or backups must be in your hosting, and for that you must send them via FTP.

Hosthunder reserves the right to revise its service policies at any time, with or without prior notice.

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