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Website Backups

Website Backups in the cloud ☁
24/7 Automated Security Backups

The ultimate disaster recovery insurance. With automatic scheduling and impenetrable encryption, our remote backups provide rock-solid data protection that helps make data loss a thing of the past. All thanks to Jetbackup.

¿Why is it important to keep an Online Backup of your website?


Daily and Automatic Backups

Secure your website. Use our online backups to keep all your files and content in the cloud.

A Time Machine

When an unforeseen event occurs, you can restore all or specific website files quickly and easily.

¿What is Backup in the Nube?

Online backup allows site and database files to be recovered instantly with just a few clicks.

Constant Monitoring and Control

Create and store backups, restore your website to a previous version.

Automatic Service

No more manual backups, this is taken care of automatically. And you have full control of when your daily backups will take place. Set it up, then forget about it and just focus on creating and producing sales in your business.

Easy To Use and Manage

Choose the restoration of the site files according to the day you need. All this in a fast and practical way.

Safety in the First Place

Among the website administration activities, the backup routine can ensure the restoration of your files.

¿Why is this so important?

It is essential to have backup copies of your website, through these, you will be able to recover the data in case of problems.

Encrypted Backup

Every file, folder and database on your site is always safe, secure and available.

Security for your Business

Rest easy knowing that your website's information and reputation are safe. Hackers don't stand a chance against continuous security monitoring. And your backups will always be backing you up and available to you.

Guarantee Hosthunder

Return guarantee

Try our Shared Web Hosting without any risk. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel within 30 days and get a full money refund, if you wish.

Build and protect your brand

Our cloud hosting service is a high performance system, offering our clients a very reliable and secure ssd hosting service.

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